Social Banking – Good For You, Not For The Bankers


What is a Social Bank:

We all know the current reputation of Banks.

The problem is your local branch is part of a group, which is part of a group, which is “Managed” by a group of very highly paid people. who’s first role seems to pay themselves as much as possible, then boost the share value of the “Public” own company. Make no mistake, it is a company, first and foremost. This article will try to create an interest in a new type of bank, like the world had 100 years ago, a local Bank, where the staff live locally, a social Bank.

A Social Bank Question:

Many people are against big government, the power it exerts of everyday life, often pushed to make laws and regulations,by extensive lobbying from various interested groups. de-centralising banking would put the power back in the hands of local people. This would suit the Tea Party movement in America.

The term “Social Banking”

For many people Social and Socialism, are the same as Communism. It’s not.

There are many people that have deformed Gene called Greed, and unfortunately they often seem become leaders and managers of Banks. No surprise really, with all that money floating around. The sticky fingers of some people, has for a long time gone unchallenged, now if you make the effort, you can change the direction, control and management of your local banking facility. Support Social Banking.'
Sabrina is a managing editor of Bang For Your Buck. She also works with various charities such as the Goodwill Industries International.