Free Advice On The Next iPhone

Apple’s next major handset – the iPhone 7 – is rumoured to be launching in September 2016 with a host of hardware and software enhancements over the outgoing 6S models. Yet, other rumours say the iPhone 6S will not die just yet. Back in November, the net was awash with claims that Apple could be introducing a brand new four-inch handset alongside both likely 4.7- and 5.5-inch main iPhone 7s. First dubbed the iPhone 7 Miniature, the four-inch iPhone 7 coming out in 2016 has more recently been referred to as the iPhone 6C. If you are looking to read…

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Is Algae The Biofuel of The Future?


Algae as a biofuel: With increasing concerns over climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as a society that is becoming more environmentally aware, it is time to start pushing for change. Algae biofuel is discussed as we take a close look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of using mass algae production as a source of biofuel for alternative energy. Hopefully fossil fuels will become a thing of the past sooner rather than later; our environment depends upon it! Compared to other alternative sources for biofuels, algae appears to be the most promising candidate. The Problem We Face…

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