Moussaka Recipe Reference

You will find a lot of variations on the way to make Moussaka and this is the Real Greek‘s version, cooked by Tonia Buxton. Meat, potatoes and aubergine will be the primary elements that characterise Moussaka but there is a lot of leeway as to what you may add to yours. For example, in the height of summer Greeks use the glut that comes from their vegetable gardens, such as courgettes, spinach or tomatoes. Moussaka is a good candidate for bulk cooking. If you were to go down that route, it’s best to do it in logical phases. First prepare…

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The Truth About Keema Matar Recipe

Keema Matar, curried minced meat, is India’s response to the West’s savoury mince. Red Tractor, the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, has launched the Keemasutra within an attempt to show families how versatile Keema can be. The cookbook can be found online and contains plenty of ideas concerning how to use Keema, created by the Keema Nans that have decades and decades of expertise between them. If you wish to read more about food blog visit this page Originally from Punjab, Kheema used to be made with goat, then mutton. Right now anything goes, i.e. lamb, beef, chicken…

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