Five Things You Must Know About Learning English

Sentence length in Japanese to English translation, English writing, and handshaking in Japan are three places that many Japanese and ESL students could improve. The following post shall discuss these 3 areas. This section is for translators focusing on Japanese to English translations and addresses sentence lengths of English sentences. Many Japanese writers use very long sentences, while not many English writers do. Long sentences will be just too confusing. Let´s take a look at the next sentence: As almost all of the writing work being discussed here concerns Japanese to English translations, this section will address sentence lengths of…

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Ten Incredibly Useful Tips Involving Learning English

Do you speak English? is possibly among the most asked questions by English speakers in foreign countries. As being an expatriate teaching English in Spain, it’s really a question I have been embarrassed to hear countless times. I say embarrassed because the arrogance of native English speakers can often be embarrassing. The sun eventually set on the British Empire, though the Empire’s most lasting legacy is that English is becoming the lingua franca of the whole world. Many Germans, French, Dutch and Norwegians, to name a few, speak one or maybe more languages as well as their native tongue, with…

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