Articles by Spencer Blake

How 10 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Geniux

If you are anything like me you often wish you could reach for brain supplements. I mean, it’s no fun to be confronted with a pile of work and feel like your brain is in the “off” position. You get to a point where java doesn’t consistently “turn your brain” on and then what do you do? I began doing research about brain functioning and learned some fascinating facts. For one, I learned studies reveal mental decrease starts as early as 37 years old! No wonder it looks we’re all having “senior moments” younger and younger. For another, I learned…

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Is Algae The Biofuel of The Future?


Algae as a biofuel: With increasing concerns over climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as a society that is becoming more environmentally aware, it is time to start pushing for change. Algae biofuel is discussed as we take a close look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of using mass algae production as a source of biofuel for alternative energy. Hopefully fossil fuels will become a thing of the past sooner rather than later; our environment depends upon it! Compared to other alternative sources for biofuels, algae appears to be the most promising candidate. The Problem We Face…

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