Articles by Sabrina Jefferson

Crisis plumbing problems can happen at any moment, and when it does, seeking for the services of a professional plumber is not enough. Just enjoy in a medical emergency where you are able to use first aid treatment where applicable before the ambulance or a medical professional arrives, you also can do some things that can help your Plumbing problem get fixed faster. So while awaiting your professional plumber to arrive, you can do some things yourself that can prevent your Plumbing crisis from getting out of hand. The following are some of the most common steps you can do…

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Social Banking – Good For You, Not For The Bankers


What is a Social Bank: We all know the current reputation of Banks. The problem is your local branch is part of a group, which is part of a group, which is “Managed” by a group of very highly paid people. who’s first role seems to pay themselves as much as possible, then boost the share value of the “Public” own company. Make no mistake, it is a company, first and foremost. This article will try to create an interest in a new type of bank, like the world had 100 years ago, a local Bank, where the staff live…

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