An Unbiased View Of Head Soccer

Head Soccer is what it says on the can – a football (that’s correct America, football) game where you control several horrifically mutated characters with enormous heads, no arms and really stumpy legs.

Head Soccer comprises a large selection of ‘colourful’ characters, each with their own power-shot. There’s around fifteen actual countries, some who are really great at soccer and some who are just picked so the developer can use another weird stereotype for the power-shot (of which there are many, some being confusingly random or inaccurate stereotypes. And if they’re not stereotypes, they’re just strange), and around seven made-up countries, including an emo man who can develop into a bat, a clown that shoots a stream of candies, an alien that can only be unlocked via the random chance that a spaceship turns up in the tournament final, a cyborg and a character that’s part cartoon, part anime.

The real countries aren’t just normal either. Canada has the terrifying power of turning the player into a snowman, Egypt has a similar power that turns the player into a strange sand blob, Greece, the imagined ‘best character’ in the game has a weirdly ineffectual power including arrows, Portugal wears a Spider Man mask and shoots webs (because certainly Spider Man is, and always has been, Portuguese), Irelend takes the form of a clover-chewing leprechaun, and China… China is a monkey that can summon an enormous monkey and/or a monkey army. Let’s not read too much into that one.

It’s not merely the characters that make Head Soccer weird. It’s fairly a fun and addictive game, but it’s really, really poorly made, and a lot of the weirdness simply stems from the game itself and not the content. There’s the ball physics, which ensure that the goal is 100% more magnetic in the final ten seconds of a game, ensure that power-shots will always bounce when you need a goal the most and make the ball fly about like crazy for no particular reason. This website has detailed information regarding head soccer hack apk. Subsequently, there’s the terrifyingly dumb enemy AI. Whole games can pass with no incident if you don’t go at all during the game, the enemy has an unusual addiction/skill of juggling their ball on the top of their head whilst moving back into their own goal, and the enemy does not have any sense of intention whatsoever. If they really manage to land a power-shot on you, odds are it’ll only bounce into their own net.

Head Soccer is available to download now free of charge, and is likely worth a couple of minutes of your time. Just remember that when you teleport through the ball and score an own goal or, while trying to go to sudden death, are foiled by the utter stupidity of your opponent, you’re not the only one. And yes, that Spiderman guy you see is Portugal.'
Rebecca Peters is a researcher for the Charm Offensive. She currently lives in Spokane with her 4 children.