November 2015

San Diego had their chance for hosting Comic-Con 2015. This renowned comic book conference commemorated it’s 40th Anniversary on the July 23-26 conference. Actors the comic book world over commemorated the festivities and brought new ideas to comic-con supporters. What did these celebrations bring? With many tv series making the grade, the panels which were at Comic-Con showed up with a few nice spoilers to offer to fans. People who showed up were surprised on how much detail some panels were providing. Listed here is a list of a few presentations which were at the Comic Con 2015 festival: 1….

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Is Algae The Biofuel of The Future?


Algae as a biofuel: With increasing concerns over climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as a society that is becoming more environmentally aware, it is time to start pushing for change. Algae biofuel is discussed as we take a close look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of using mass algae production as a source of biofuel for alternative energy. Hopefully fossil fuels will become a thing of the past sooner rather than later; our environment depends upon it! Compared to other alternative sources for biofuels, algae appears to be the most promising candidate. The Problem We Face…

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